Culture Shock Las Vegas, established in 1995, is a non-profit, educational, youth-outreach program, and hip-hop dance company. The primary goal of this program is to offer our youth an alternative to becoming involved with gangs, drugs and other self-destructive activities by promoting a lifestyle based on acceptance, achievement, and self-confidence.

Speedway Children's Charities has been one of our most generous contributors allowing us to continue our annual "Back to School Jam" program. This is a community outreach event for children 7 to 17 years of age. The purpose of this event is to provide the participants with alternatives to gangs, drugs, bullying, violence, and hatred through the medium of music, culture, and hip hop/street style dance. Through the "Back to School Jam" program, Culture Shock can generate widespread awareness of hip hop dance and music as an alternative to mischievous behaviors among the youth in Clark County. This event empowers participants to become role models in their schools. In addition, we provide basic school supplies and a novel to each child to aid in literacy development and improvement. It is our hope that this should support and help in the "No Child Left Behind Act" to get students to read at their grade level.

We thank Speedway Children's Charities for their continued support of this much needed program. Without your support, Culture Shock Las Vegas would not be able to reach out to so many children in our community.

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