I've thought long and hard about a blog for our website and have drawn a blank. Our events have wrapped up for the time being and we're currently working in small ways to raise additional funds to finish out our fiscal year.

 We're hoping a couple ideas come to be and we have an extra event before the end of September, but we aren't sure.

So, what to write about. Starting with this blog and continuing on through the coming weeks, I have decided to spotlight those involved in the Las Vegas Chapter of SCC- let you learn a little more about the individuals who give of their time to help us succeed.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any bio/blogs in time for deadline- which I missed anyway- so I guess I'll start with myself and follow up with board members, volunteers, donors, etc.

I was born and raised in the small Kansas town of Pratt- I will always consider myself a small town girl, no matter where I live. I have one sister, Katie (who I talk to almost every day) and a mess of cousins- we're all very close and keep in touch often. I have been married to Mark for 7 years now, and as I have mentioned in previous blogs, I have an 18 month-old son, Logan. Rounding out my little family is my grumpy cat Stormy and my overly energetic puppy, Mack.

I am a big sports fan- baseball, basketball, football- you name it, I'll watch it! While I did not attend the University of Kansas, I am a big Jayhawk supporter and consider them my team. (I graduated from Fort Hays State University and am a very proud Tiger as well). Even though I'm 29, I'm a long suffering Kansas City Royals fan and am devoted to my team no matter how awful they are- but it makes those good runs a lot of fun to be a part of. I'm also a big Kansas City Chiefs fan and am looking forward to a great season with our new quarterback, head coach and general manager.... they can't get much worse, so it has to be a good year! It's a well known fact at Las Vegas Motor Speedway who I cheer for so I usually catch the comments when my team is doing terrible- especially from the strange over-abundance of Red Sox fans here at LVMS. I love my teams though and stand behind them to a fault. I learned that loyalty from my dad who taught me about sports and a love for each game. It is a dream of mine to see a baseball game in every ballpark, although I'm a LONG way from seeing that dream become reality....maybe someday.

I am big fan of music and love going to concerts- music is a very important part of my family. I love to sing and can play the trumpet and french horn- and I'm learning to play the guitar; and Mark sings and plays the drums. Logan is already impressing us with his drumming ability and loves to sing in the car. We enjoy all types of music- my MP3 player is full of random song choices and genres- and it keeps things fun! I'm also an avid reader, although for a while life got in the way and I didn't pick up a book for a long time. Recently though, reading has again become a major part of my life and I'm really enjoying the time to relax and lose myself in a book.

This small town girl never saw herself living in a big city, let alone Vegas. But, I've been here for 5 years and it has become home. A part of me will always consider Kansas home- and I'll always be a Kansas girl at heart- but I guess the title of Vegas local suits me just fine too......

Janae Melvin
Las Vegas Chapter of Speedway Children's Charities