It seems like everyone has gone social. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Blogger- the world has gone social networking nuts.

It's rare nowadays to find someone who doesn't have a profile or page with a social networking site- unless you are deep within the confines of my family and then it's rare to find someone who has heard of these sites. My mom can't figure out how I know more about what is going on back in the state of Kansas than she knows..... I just tell her it's on Facebook!

A cousin of mine works in public affairs at the Pentagon, and I really enjoy reading his facebook and twitter updates about how the military is using these social networking sites and also how they are benefiting from them. So hey- if the military can do it- why can't we?

Yesterday, the Las Vegas Chapter launched our new Facebook page and Twitter.... ummm.... tweet. I can't think of a better way to connect with the Las Vegas community, the racing community, and the nation as a whole than utilizing these digital tools that are at our fingertips. The National office launched a Facebook group a few months back and I was amazed at the reach we had in getting our information out to the public. So why, then, do another Facebook page? Our chapter wanted to be able to also target our local community with our events, updates, breaking news, etc.- going right at those who are benefiting from the work we do as well as help us positively impact so many lives.

The phenomena that is Twitter is so hard to explain to those who aren't familiar with it. I had wrestled with the idea of having a Twitter for the charity, not sure how many people would follow us or what we would gain from using the site. Well, in just 24 hours of using Twitter, we have been contacted by a few companies wanting more information about our organization and have also been able to get some additional information about our upcoming events to interested people. It's a direct line of communication to those who want to know- it's short, simple- to the point. Will we be monetarily impacted? Only time will tell. But currently, there are 25 people/companies/groups that now know or are more aware that Speedway Children's Charities exists and we can effectively spread our message and mission statement.

Want to join us?
Speedway Children's Charities-Las Vegas on Facebook

We'll see you in the social networking universe....

Janae Melvin
Las Vegas Chapter of Speedway Children's Charities