Things have calmed down quite a bit around the office, and even though we have another event coming up in about 6 weeks, I'm really enjoying the chance I have had to relax and breathe.

A couple weekend get-a-ways are on tap for the Melvin family during the month of May, including a short vacation back to Kansas for my brother-in-law Andrew's wedding at the end of the month. Logan is the ringbearer, and while I'm convinced he's going to be adorable in his tux I'm not as confident about how he'll do in an official capacity. Walking down an aisle, carrying a pillow and smiling is a lot to ask of a little guy who can't sit still for more than 5 seconds at a time and drags our cat around by the tail until she smacks him. Either way, we are really looking forward to some much needed family time.

Along with the relaxing, I have taken advantage of the downtime to brainstorm on some new fundraisers for SCC. Our board chairman Steve Peck has implemented some round table discussions for the board of trustees, and so far, they have been very successful. Steve wanted to give the board a chance to sit down in a very relaxed setting and throw around ideas for possible new fundraisers. We have identified close to 20 new fundraisers that have the possibility of making it farther than being an idea on a piece of paper, and probably 5 that we have already begun sending proposals out to possible sponsors and partners. I am really excited about a couple of them and think they could grow into annual events- once we get the first one under our belt. The really fun thing about these events is they are very different from anything else we have done here at SCC and in Las Vegas. We haven't found any other charities hosting events like these in town, so we hope that we are on to something big.

Are you curious yet about our ideas???? You'll have to check back often to see what develops from our new events.

Don't forget- we can always use donations and sponsorships- contact me for more information. We are also always in need of good volunteers, so if interested please fill out the form on the volunteers page and I'll add you to our list.

Now I'm off to a board meeting......

Janae Melvin
Las Vegas Chapter of Speedway Children's Charities