The 2009 NASCAR race weekend was a crazy few days, but overall they were also a successful few days.

A great BIG thank you to everyone who came out and supported Speedway Children's Charities, whether at our auction, buying a NASCAR Day pin or participating in our Track Walk.

Wow- speaking of our Track Walk- what a great time that was!!! To see more than 1,000 people walking the track on Sunday morning was incredible. Everyone seemed to have had a good time out there and hope they are all able to participate again next year!

I took advantage of the opportunity to walk around half the track myself and marveled at the RV set-ups inside our infield. These people are hard-core NASCAR fans and treat the entire NASCAR weekend as not just a race, but an experience. There are grills smoking, lawn chairs and hammocks set up for relaxing, and even recliners on top of RV for the perfect view of the race! The RV campers honked and waved at the walkers throughout the morning on Sunday, adding just the right touch to the overall Track Walk experience.

Well, the RV's are now long gone and the fans are too. But, the work at Speedway Children's Charities and Las Vegas Motor Speedway is moving at the same speeds as before NASCAR came to town. We are just a couple of weeks away from the arrival of the NHRA- three days of 1/4 mile racing at mind blowing speeds! SCC will also be hosting the Mel Larson Night of Champions, honoring the automotive legend Carroll Shelby.

Seems like the fun never ends.....

Janae Melvin
Las Vegas Chapter of Speedway Children's Charities