With as busy as life gets, I treasure every minute I get to spend with my son. On Thursday evening, I was fortunate enough to have a little help from my one year-old Logan getting things ready for our Holiday of Smiles program.

On Saturday, December 20, Holiday of Smiles comes to the Sunrise Hospital Pediatric Oncology Unit in Las Vegas. Speedway Children's Charities has partnered with the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation for their annual Santa's Workshop. SCC will be providing Holiday of Smiles bags filled with Croc's, AFLAC Ducks, AutoTrader cars and other goodies.

Logan decided to help me get these goody bags ready for the kids. Usually Logan's help is not productive help, but on Thursday night he was surprisingly cooperative. He played with the ducks, carried around the bags, and reorganized the Croc's. He seemed to enjoy the work he was doing and I enjoyed watching him mimick my motions.

On Saturday, these goodie bags will be handed out to children in Las Vegas who will be spending the holidays in the hospital fighting cancer. I can only hope that these bags bring a smile to faces of the boys and girls who will be receiving them, a smile as big as the one I had on my face while stuffing them.

Merry Christmas- Happy Holidays.

Janae Melvin
Las Vegas Chapter of Speedway Children's Charitie